Signs of a Foundation Problem

Foundation Problem Signs to Look For:

  • Stress Cracks in Exterior Brick Walls
  • Cracks in Sheetrock of Interior Walls
  • Doors & Windows That Do Not Open and Close Properly
  • Cracks in Rigid Floor or Counter Coverings Such As Tile
  • Separations Between Door or Window Frames and Brick Veneer
  • Plumbing Problems
  • Rooflines That Slope
  • Floors That Are Uneven

Reasons Why Foundation Problems Occur

The blame for most foundation problems rests with the expansive nature of the clay soils in the Houston area. The ground swells and shrinks according to moisture variations in the soil. The location of trees on your property, varying weather conditions, and improper drainage are all factors that affect the moisture fluctuation. Most slabs are designed to handle some movement, but over time any substantial shifting can cause major structural damage. Understanding why these problems occur is critical to understanding how to correct them.

Correcting the Problem

What Steps Can Be Taken to Correct the Problem?

The solution is to support the foundation with a custom support system, anchored in soil that is not subject to environmentally induced changes the way that surface soils are. The home or commercial building will be underpinned with a carefully designed system of pilings or belled piers approved by FHA / VA and the city of Houston.

Pressed Pilings:  All pilings are hydraulically driven to the depth required to develop the necessary friction to raise and support the foundation. After pilings have been pressed to refusal, the foundation is raised with hydraulic jacks and shimmed at the desired elevation. This procedure normally takes three to five days.

Belled Piers:  If belled piers are used, shafts are drilled to stable clay. The bottoms of the shafts are flared to form a bell shape. This provides a solid footing for the piers. They are then reinforced with steel rebar and filled with concrete. After 10 to 12 days of curing time, specially designed concrete blocks and steel shims are inserted between the foundation and the piers in order to shim the foundation at the desired elevation.

Mudjacking:  A mudjacking process is used to pump stabilized soil into existing voids or cavities created by the lifting of the slab.

Landscaping:  Plants and shrubs are replanted, and detailed care is taken in restoring your yard.

Permits:  As part of our normal procedure, we at Eagle Foundation Co. obtain permits and required inspections from appropriate city departments. Therefore, you can be assured that work is monitored impartially and according to city codes.


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